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8.2.3 Shortcuts

“Shortcuts” are a special set of REPL commands that are invoked by name. To invoke a shortcut you first press , (comma) at the REPL prompt and then enter the shortcut’s name when prompted.

Shortcuts deal with things like switching between directories and compiling and loading Lisp systems. The set of shortcuts is listed below, and you can also use the help shortcut to list them interactively.

change-directory (aka !d, cd)

Change the current directory.

change-package (aka !p, in, in-package)

Change the current package.

compile-and-load (aka cl)

Compile (if necessary) and load a lisp file.

defparameter (aka !)

Define a new global, special, variable.


Disconnect all connections.

help (aka ?)

Display the help.

pop-directory (aka -d)

Pop the current directory.

pop-package (aka -p)

Pop the top of the package stack.

push-directory (aka +d, pushd)

Push a new directory onto the directory stack.

push-package (aka +p)

Push a package onto the package stack.


Show the current directory.


Quit the current Lisp.


Resend the last form.


Restart *inferior-lisp* and reconnect SLIME.


Quit all Lisps and close all SLIME buffers.