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8.2.1 REPL commands

M-x slime-repl-return

Evaluate the current input in Lisp if it is complete. If incomplete, open a new line and indent. If a prefix argument is given then the input is evaluated without checking for completeness.

M-x slime-repl-closing-return

Close any unmatched parenthesis and then evaluate the current input in Lisp. Also bound to M-RET.

M-x slime-indent-and-complete-symbol

Indent the current line and perform symbol completion.

M-x slime-repl-newline-and-indent

Open and indent a new line.

M-x slime-repl-bol

Go to the beginning of the line, but stop at the REPL prompt.

C-c C-c
M-x slime-interrupt

Interrupt the Lisp process with SIGINT.

C-c M-o
M-x slime-repl-clear-buffer

Clear the entire buffer, leaving only a prompt.

C-c C-o
M-x slime-repl-clear-output

Remove the output and result of the previous expression from the buffer.