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3.5 Finding definitions (“Meta-Point” commands).

The familiar M-. command is provided. For generic functions this command finds all methods, and with some systems it does other fancy things (like tracing structure accessors to their DEFSTRUCT definition).

M-x slime-edit-definition

Go to the definition of the symbol at point.

M-x slime-pop-find-definition-stack

Go back to the point where M-. was invoked. This gives multi-level backtracking when M-. has been used several times.

C-x 4 .
M-x slime-edit-definition-other-window

Like slime-edit-definition but switches to the other window to edit the definition in.

C-x 5 .
M-x slime-edit-definition-other-frame

Like slime-edit-definition but opens another frame to edit the definition in.

M-x slime-edit-definition-with-etags

Use an ETAGS table to find definition at point.